How I make $22,000 per month with Facebook Instant Articles and Audience Network

Servando: Hey guys. This is a guest post by Ronald from Web SEO Marketers, who’s monetizing his Fan Pages with the Facebook Audience Network (similar to Adsense) and using Facebook Instant Articles (The articles that load super quick in your Facebook Newsfeed) to get great CPMs.

How to make money with Facebook Instant Articles

Facebook Audience Network pays its publishers an eCPM rate based on the countries and also the volume of traffic each publisher gets, but I can certainly tell you that it pays more than any other CPM network I’ve ever worked with. Here is a screen capture of my performance report so that you can know what I am talking about.

Facebook and Adsense

Several months ago I wrote an article on how to make $200 per day with adsense on facebook + websites. If you want to know how to add $300 per day more with Propellerads then this article is for you. When I wrote that article more than a year ago I didn’t expect it to go “viral“. A lot of people contacted me in 2015 to learn more about how everything works or simply because they’re putting some work and wanted some feedback on the results they’re achieving.

Ad Arbitrage

But as many of you can see, creating a viral website isn’t that easy. In fact, from over 600 comments I have in that article maybe just a couple dozens of them are from people telling me that they started their viral website and made it work. Some of them make $50 per day, and some of them are making more than $500 per day. The rest is just people asking questions or commenting about how good it looks but they don’t have the money to do it, etc.